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Our technical internal coordination makes meetings more efficient, which allows for more design freedom and options regarding systems selection and architecture.

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Innovative and economic concepts require efficient
technical coordination from the architectural standpoint.

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TRANSPLAN is your general contractor for technical building design, building physics, as well as energy and comfort planning. As the overarching coordinator, we synchronize all technical trades and building physics with partners from each discipline. TRANSPLAN emerged from Transsolar, which is the part of the design team responsible for innovative energy and climate control concepts and their verification via simulation.
TRANSPLAN addresses the needs of the construction and design market. Building owners frequently look for consultants who can take on total responsibility for project planning and architects often require an accountable partner who can support them with expertise in the increasingly complex building technology sector. Thanks to close cooperation between building and design professionals, TRANSPLAN can answer this call while ensuring a holistic, efficient construction process.


Oberursel, Germany

The new special school is characterized by a natural ventilation concept. Pressure-controlled supply air openings ensure the necessary air changes for classrooms on the upper floor. The building’s roof shape supports natural, wind and thermally driven ventilation. The ground floor area is supplied with preconditioned fresh air via flow-optimized underground ducts. A solar thermal system provides heat. Peak loads are covered by a wood pellet heater and a gas-fired peak boiler.
Design Team  
Architects plus+ bauplanung
Client Hochtaunuskreis, Bad Homburg
Services TRANSPLAN GmbH Phases 1-3 (HOAI): HLS; Phases 4-8 (HOAI): HL
Project Partners Energy, comfort and daylight concept (Transsolar)
Gross Area 11.043 m²
Image Credits Lukas Brenner / plus+ bauplanung


Karlsruhe, Germany

The education center element-i consists of a preschool, a primary, a secondary and a vocational school. The classrooms are naturally ventilated. In the rest area, passive supply air elements in the façade enable natural basic ventilation. Motorized casements allow for night-time cooling. The kitchen and canteen have central mechanical ventilation with highly efficient heat recovery. Supply air flows in as source air over benches into the canteen. The canteen and preschool area on the ground floor have underfloor heating. The heat supply is provided by district heating.
Design Team  
Architects plus+ bauplanung
Client element-i Bildungshaus Technido gGmbH
Services TRANSPLAN GmbH Phases 1-4: HVAC, Building automation
Project Partners Building automation (IB Baumgartner), Energy and ventilation concept (Transsolar)
Gross Area 10.700 m²
Image Credits Lukas Brenner


Stuttgart, Germany

The renovation transformed the residential building from the 1950s into a sustainable plus energy house. The ground floors were largely preserved and extended by a two-storey wooden structure. A geothermal system enables the activated ceiling and floor surfaces to provide heat in winter and cooling in summer. The water-conducting roofing is made of solar glass shingles covering the entire roof surface. A highly insulated façade with triple glazing and external sun protection ensures high quality thermal insulation. E-charging stations allow for gentle e-mobility.
Design Team  
Architects Yonder - Architektur und Design, Stuttgart
Client Private
Services TRANSPLAN GmbH  General Technology Planner
Project Partners  Energy concept in cooperation with Transsolar Energietechnik, Building physics in cooperation with Bobran Ingenieure 
Gross Area 612 m²
Image Credits  Brigida González

Renovation Sports Facility Schäfersfeld

Lorch im Remstal, Germany

The 3-field sports facility, designed and constructed by Behnisch & Partner in 1976, has been economically revised to meet today’s safety and energy use standards. A cascading ventilation system introduces fresh air into the gym via the equipment rooms. From there the exhaust air flows through ventilation grilles to the shower and sanitary facilities where it is extracted. Due to this efficient concept, only one ventilation system was required to serve the two different types of spaces.
Design Team  
Architects Behnisch Architekten, Stuttgart
Client Stadt Lorch
Services TRANSPLAN GmbH  Planning and Site Management Heating, Ventilation, Plumbing and Building Automation
End of 2015
Costs KG 300+400  3,8 Mio. € 
Gross Area 2.550 m²
Image Credits  TRANSPLAN


(Association of Metal and Electrical Industry)

Esslingen, Germany

The new branch of Südwestmetall in Esslingen is directly located between the river Neckar and the vineyards just on the outskirts of Stuttgart. The building includes an event floor with three office floors and is heated and cooled through the use of fountains.
Design Team  
Architects Fritzen 28, Esslingen
Client Südwestmetall Neckar-Fils
Services TRANSPLAN GmbH  HVAC, MEP, energy + daylight concept, building physics
Gross Area 4.000 m²/43,055 ft²
Image Credits  TRANSPLAN


Yalikavak, Turkey

Taking full advantage of the climatic conditions and their latent passive energy, this residential building is completely self-sufficient; photovoltaics, solar-thermal collectors, geothermal energy and wind energy supply the energy demand for heating and cooling and also cover the electricity demand of the villa.
Design Team  
Architects Peter Rose & Partners, Boston, USA
Client privat
Services TRANSPLAN GmbH  Design of the geothermal system, wind power station, photovoltaics, solar
Gross Area 1.300 m²/13,993 ft²
Image Credits  TRANSPLAN 

The Abbey of Lorsch Visitor Information Center

Lorsch, Germany

The newly constructed building serves as a both the starting and end point for visitors touring the Abbey of Lorsch World Heritage Site. The distinctive feature of this project is the creation of a tilted base plate with 3% slope that accommodates space cubes, that hold the necessary technical building equipment, and a weather protection shell made of single–pane glass similar to that of a greenhouse. The space cubes also house museum education spaces, service facilities, staff rooms, tourism services and a shop.
Design Team  
Architects hg merz GmbH, Stuttgart
Client Magistrat der Stadt Lorsch
Services TRANSPLAN GmbH  Planning and Site Management Heating, Ventilation, Plumbing
Costs KG 300+400 2,1 Mio. €
GFA 950 m²/ 10226 ft²
Image Credits  TRANSPLAN 

Plus- Energy Residential Building Licht+Luft

Tuebingen, Germany

In the city quarter Lustnau of Tuebingen, the joint building venture "Light + Air" built a nine-unit multifamily home on the grounds of an old weaving mill. The home owners association aimed to achieve the energy efficiency standard called “Effizienzhaus-Plus-Standard”. The development plan includes a connection to the biomass-fired district heating network of the Stadtwerke (Public Works) Tübingen. The building has achieved two certifications: one from the Passive House Institute (PHI) in Darmstadt and one from the German Energy Agency (DENA)’s program „EffizienzhausPlus“.
Design Team  
Architects Wamsler Architekten, Markdorf
Client Baugemeinschaft "Licht + Luft", Tübingen (9 Families)
Services TRANSPLAN GmbH Planning and Site Management Heating, Ventilation, Plumbing
Costs KG 300+400 2,3 Mio. €
GFA 1.050 m²/ 11302 ft²
Image Credits  BOESE-Fotografie Nicole Boese

ADAC Headquarters

Munich, Germany

The new ADAC headquarters consists of a base building and a 90 meter high-rise building. Renewable energy sources are used for heating and cooling in most parts of the energy efficient building.
Design Team  
Architects Sauerbruch Hutton Architekten, Berlin
Client ADAC, Munich
Services TRANSPLAN GmbH  Detailed design of the entire geothermal system incl. distribution systems in the basements
Costs Geothermal System 350.000 €
GFA 129.000 m²/ 1388544 ft²
Image Credits  TRANSPLAN 

Behnisch Architecture office Renovation

Stuttgart, Germany

During the refurbishment of the office building in Stuttgart-West, the energy source for the building’s heating and cooling systems was converted to geothermal. The new radiant heating ceilings are fed by heat pumps and in summer, the ceiling can be used for free cooling via the geothermal system.
Design Team  
Architects Behnisch Architekten, Stuttgart
Client Stefan Behnisch
Services TRANSPLAN GmbH  Geothermal system with heat pump, ceilings for heating/cooling
Costs KG 300+400 0,5 Mio. €
GFA 900 m²/ 9688 ft²
Image Credits  fmo | Frank Ockert

Mercedes-Benz Museum

Stuttgart, Germany

The structure of the new Mercedes-Benz Museum, which lies near the gates of the Mercedes-Benz Headquarters in Stuttgart, consists of a double helix with a triangular atrium in the center. A holistic energy and comfort concept was developed using an integrated design process that included the client and user from the intial design stages.
Design Team  
Architects UN-Studio Van Berkel, Amsterdam
Client DaimlerChrysler Immobilien GmbH, Stuttgart
Services TRANSPLAN GmbH  HVAC, MEP, energy + daylight concept, building physics
GFA 33.000 m²/ 355209 ft²
Image Credits  BOESE-Fotografie Nicole Boese

Skyscraper Ensemble at the Gateway to Munich

Munich, Germany

The building ensemble consists of a hotel, a five-story office building and two high-rises, one with 28 and the other with 33 floors. The office and hotel building complex is located in a prominent location and marks the “northern gate” of Munich.
Design Team  
Architects Murphy/Jahn, Chicago, USA
Client Bürozentrum Parkstadt München-Schwabing KG, Ammerland
Services TRANSPLAN GmbH HVAC, MEP, energy concept, building physics, façade design
Completion 09/2004
Construction Costs 155 Mio. €
Gross Area 74.000 m²/796,529 ft²
Image Credits  Rainer Viertlböck

New construction of Sales and Service Center

Ditzingen, Germany

The new sales and service center complex is shielded from a nearby motorway by its southern façade, while the northern side will be flanked by existing office buildings. Two horizontally and vertically staggered building blocks with offices are floating above three volumes housing the center's lobby, auditorium and exhibition areas.
Design Team  
Architects Barkow Leibinger Architekten, Berlin
Client Trumpf GmbH & Co. KG, Ditzingen
Services TRANSPLAN GmbH  HVAC, MEP, energy concept, building physics, elevator 
Construction costs 20 Mio. €
Gross Area 8.700 m²/ 93,646 ft²
Image Credits  Margherita Spiluttini

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